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Thank you for your interest in taking a Personality I.D.® assessment. We are excited to serve you in gaining a better understanding of your own design and others in your team. Before you continue with your assessment we thought the following information will be helpful to you. Personality I.D.® DISC profile allows you to discover your personality style. Use the information in your report to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, improve workplace dynamics and build stronger teams.
Personality I.D.® will supply you with a Individual Report with extremely helpful information regarding your:

  • Ideal Environment.
  • Typical Areas of Strength.
  • Typical Areas of Struggle.
  • Your Preferred Activities.
  • Contribution to the organization.
  • Your Leadership Style
  • Your Task or People orientation
  • Your Communication Style.
  • Your Stability/Flexibility Factors.
  • Your Stress Factors.
  • Relationship Improvement Suggestions.
  • Cooperation and Control Factors.
  • Underlying Concerns.
  • You Financial Management Style
  • Budget and Financial issues.
  • Purchasing Tendencies.
  • Generic Careers.
  • Famous people similar to your profile.
  • Suggestions for Managers.

No, I want to purchase a Consultant License:

If you intend doing multiple assessments we want to suggest that you consider purchasing a license for Personality I.D.®. Purchasing a license will give you multiple additional benefits:

  • Provide you with a personalized Consultant Panel where you will be able to register and manage your clients.
  • Ability to purchase multiple credits, giving you the ability to do multiple assessments and produce the various reports.
  • Print various reports:
    • Individual Report.
    • Comparison Report (Between 2 People),
    • Team Report (up to 15 people in a team with Team Profile)
    • Advanced Team Report (up to 15 people, then adding and removing people to the team in real time and seeing the changes in the profile of the team).

The price for a Consultant License is: 500 USD

The price for a Full Individual Report is: 21.95 USD

YES, I want to continue and purchase my Individual Report.
Here are the steps you need to take to get the Full Personality I.D.® Individual Report:

  1. Fill in personal account info
  2. Take Assessment survey
  3. Purchase Individual Report
  4. Generate Full Individual Report