2. What makes Personality I.D.® unique?

In Larry Burkett’s vision for helping people and employers to be aware of the personality strengths of themselves, the other people around them, and employees, if applicable, he wanted to start with biblical principles. Although there were many assessments, few if any, approached work from the biblical perspective that people are created with specific patterns of personality strengths. Personality I.D. ® was developed based on biblical principles and designed to describe full blended profiles of statistically common patterns of the four personality factors.

  • Individual assessment: Most other assessments describe only the “High” end of a personality/ D.I.S.C. factor and ignore the “Low” end of a factor. Personality I.D. provides descriptions of “High,” “Low,” and “Mid-range” scores for all four factors. More importantly, it provides in-depth descriptions of 16 common blended profiles (combinations of the four factors) using more than 20 attributes important in all types of personal and work interactions, including financial management.
  • Comparison profiles:
    Most assessments leave it up to the user to compare profiles of two people and interpret similarities and differences. Personality I.D. provides both graphical and written feedback with direct comparisons of strengths and struggles of the four factors composing the blended profiles. Applications for business, families, and other group interactions are available.
  • Team analysis:
    Teams of all types -- business, club, committees, and even families, have specific dynamics based on the personalities of the people composing the team.
    • Team graphical presentation:
      A combined team member graph provides an “average” of the current team members with a Team blended Profile analysis.
    • All team members presentation graph:
      All team members are individually shown on the same graph together with the full team average graph. This graph shows the diversity of the team with the combined Blended Profile
    • Variable team composition:
      This option enables the user to add and/or subtract available team members available to and from a ‘virtual’ team and shows the combined team profile of the selected members.