1. What is the history behind Personality I.D. ® ?

Larry Burkett initiated the Life Pathways program as part of Christian Financial Concepts in 1990. The program began using several pre-existing assessments. After extensive research and development, the first version of what is now Personality I.D.® was introduced in 1993 as a paper assessment in booklet form with scoring and interpretation included. In 1995, the first diskette version was produced for use on individual computers. In 1998, the first Money and Marriage version on CD_ROM with computer scoring and the first two-person comparison report for couples. The first online Personality I.D.®on www.crown.org was also introduced in 1998 as a complimentary assessment with a very short sample report. In 2000, the first version for teams (maximum six members) was produced on CD-ROM. Financial attributes were developed and introduced online in 2003 with the Money Map Personality I.D.®. The first complete online version was introduced in 2009 as the Couples Personality I.D.® adding the financial attributes to the previous Money and Marriage version. The Global Personality I.D.® with the multiple applications of Building StrongTeams, Building Strong Families, and Building Strong Marriages was introduced in 2012.