10. How valid is Personality I.D.®?

The results from the personality portion of Personality I.D.® were validated against the personality factors of Career Direct®.
Overall, the correlations between the factors of the Personality I.D. and similar factors of another validated personality inventory (the Career Direct Personality Inventory portion of the Complete Guidance System) provide evidence of convergent validity. Both the Personality I.D. and the Crown Financial Ministries’ Career Direct Guidance System (Personality section only) were administered to 571 individuals. The Personality I.D. factors were correlated with the personality factors of Career Direct (Dominance, Extraversion, Compassion, Conscientiousness, Adventurous, Innovation, and Stress) using a 1 to 5 Likert or continuous scale. Personality I.D. ’s D/A (Directing/Adapting), I/R (Interacting/Reserved), S/O (Supportive/Objective) and C/U (Conscientiousness/Unconventional) factors significantly correlated with the Career Direct factors of Dominance, Extraversion, Compassion and Conscientiousness with correlation coefficients of .59, .64, .46, and .52; respectively. Format differences between the personality inventories (forced choice vs. Likert scaling) along with differences in factor definitions have likely lowered the correlations between the factors of these inventories.