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The purpose of Personality I.D.® is to provide you with a complimentary Free Report of your personality profile.

Please note that the complete Personality I.D.® Individual Report has 22 attributes regarding your profile. The Free Report will share 5 of these 22 attributes with you. If you would like to receive the report with all 22 attributes please continue to purchase a Full Report from the landing page.

  1. General Description of the Profile. (Part of the Free Report)
  2. Ideal Environment.
  3. Typical Areas of Strength. (Part of the Free Report)
  4. Typical Areas of Struggle. (Part of the Free Report)
  5. Your Preferred Activities. (Part of the Free Report)
  6. Your Task or People Orientation.
  7. Your Stability/Flexibility Factors.
  8. Your Stress Factors.
  9. Relationship Improvement Suggestions.
  10. Your Leadership Style.
  11. Underlying Concerns.
  12. Your Communication Style. (Part of the Free Report)
  13. Cooperation and Control Factors.
  14. Your Financial Management Style.
  15. Your view in handling money.
  16. Your Budget and Financial Issues.
  17. Shopping Tendencies.
  18. Approach to Savings.
  19. Approach to Giving.
  20. Generic Careers.
  21. Famous people similar to your profile.
  22. Suggestions for Managers.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the Free Personality I.D.® Individual Report:

  1. Fill in personal account info
  2. Take Assessment survey
  3. Generate Free Individual Report

If you'd like to purchase a Full Individual Report instead please follow the steps on the Purchase Full Report page.